Coronavirus lockdown – we’re here to help

It looks as though we’re all going to be locked down and told to stay at home for some time to come. Many of us are working from home as much as possible, and relying on our computers, phones, tablets and the internet to keep us in touch with our work colleagues, friends and family.

Starting today, we’ll be posting something every day to try to help wherever we can. These will be simple tips and techniques to help keep you safe online and navigate the world of online shopping and communication – something that many people have found daunting or even downright scary! You can see these posts on our main Covid-19 Response page.

Of course, if you need help with something more complicated, or that isn’t covered in these short posts, get in touch via e-mail, phone, or our simple contact form, and we’ll see what we can do to help using our remote access tools. Or you might just need advice, or even just to talk to a human being instead of via text messages. No problem, we’re patient listeners and will do our best to help. We’re fully DBS checked, so you can rest assured knowing that we are a safe pair of hands to help you through the crisis.

No charge for the duration of the lockdown! But if you’re feeling generous (and you think we’re worth it), you can make a small Paypal donation to help us keep the wolf from the door here.

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